Extend the Life of Your Auto Paint

Whether it’s that fresh look after you’ve detailed your car or that ‘right off the lot shine’…there’s just something…oh, so satisfying, about the look of a perfectly showcased paint job.

Protecting your investment isn’t just about keeping your car clean. 

4 Key Considerations to Extend the Lifetime of Your Paint: 

  1. UV Protection. Your car likely has a coating that already helps extend the life of the paint by protecting against the harsh sun, dulling and oxidation. Be aware of claims for products that can replace UV protection. Some can actually do more harm than good.

  2.  Cleaning. Keeping your car free of dirt, bird droppings, and bugs can extend the life of your paint. The longer they remain there the more damage they can do. Use mild soaps and cloths to clean your car in one section at a time to avoid letting the water dry on your car. And look for review tested products which can be put on the car after washing and before waxing to maintain the off the lot sheen

  3. Wax. While this isn’t a favorite process for most, it can make all the difference in the look and life of paint. This draws out the great looking paint job and also provides a protective layer to keep the bad stuff off. Remember this: Carnauba wax. As the industry standard you want to make sure you have at least 20% of it in your product and no petroleum products in the mix.

  4. Limit Car Washes. Most car washes can put small and visible scratches on your paint. So, seek out no-touch car washes that only spray water and soap. 

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