Keeping You Safe in a Rear End Crash

With texting and driving being a seious safety concern on the roadways, it’s not unreasonable to think you could find yourseld the victim of a rear end collision. But, did you know there are precautions you can take inside your car to limit your injuries in this type of collision?

Adjust your Headrest

Most people rarely think about their car headrest and where it is positioned. It’s likely been that way for years, or even since you bought your vehicle. Yet, it’s very important to get it placed properly for you to increase your chances of keeping your neck safe in an accident.


A CBS News report offered the following recommendation: 

  • “Bring the head restraint up as high as you can get it and still be comfortable. This is about the level of the top of your ears.”

You should also make sure it is as close to the back of your head as you can get it. Some rests adjust forward and backward to account for this extra layer of safety.

Why go through the trouble?

Making these adjustments decreases the chance of whiplash because your head and headrest positions your head as close to you as possible. As a result, you hit the back of your head on the headrest instead of your neck, this potentially reducing the severity of whiplash.

You should also check your car’s manual for additional safety information.


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